Cities Without Ground A Hong Kong Guidebook



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"[Cities Without Ground is] an homage to a quirk of Hong Kong’s urban landscape: The fact that it’s possible to walk for miles above ground, thanks to the city’s densely layered pedestrian bridges that crisscross the sky, connecting buildings and spanning wide boulevards."

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"A particular highlight... focus[es] solely on the city's air-conditioning, suggesting a kind of thermal cartography of indoor space and implying that temperature control and even humidity are better metrics for evaluating the success of a given project than mere visual or aesthetic concerns."

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"Cities Without Ground... take[s] you through the vast interior public world of Hong Kong's pedestrian street network. With this guide you can travel for miles and miles without ever touching the ground: an interior world superimposed on the city. In an age of rapid urbanization and unstable climate, might this be a model for the future?"

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"Cities Without Ground: A Hong Kong Guidebook... [creates] the first-ever maps showing the extent and variety of [Hong Kong's pedestrian] networks... the book comprehensively documents the walkways through highly detailed drawings and 3D models."

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